Club Scragster

Club Scragster

Club Scragster has been in business since 2016 and is most known for its custom plush!

Considering joining the club? Want to see what’s being worked on right now? Want to test what your character might look like as one of our plush? Consider checking out the official Club Scragster Queue to find in progress and upcoming projects, as well as some free plush bases!

Club Scragster currently offers a "membership" program. Individuals can become members of Club Scragster by being accepted for a plush commission. The membership comes with a specialized ID card featuring their plush and its respective ID number.

You can find the ID of each plush on the Scragster Plush Masterlist. For existing members only, you can request an ID card by filling out the Membership Card Form.

Want to interact with more Club Scragster members and fans? Join our official Telegram group!

For our current queue, please check out our Trello. All updates regarding merch and commissions, will be posted on our TwitterInstagram, and update Telegram channel. All progress pics can be found in our queue or our WIP Telegram channel.